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The Betterwallet Podcast
Host: Marc Russell

Welcome to The BetterWallet Podcast. I'm your host, Marc Russell. On The BetterWallet Podcast, we're going to chat with everyday people who have changed their lives through learning how to manage their money. We're going to talk about their money journeys, the ups, the downs, the slips, and the falls. And at least once a month, we're going to have a new episode where we will learn more about how to manage our money better. We're going to help simplify the topics that keep you up at night, including budgeting, paying off debt, investing, and how to build a business. The goal of this podcast is to make money a less taboo topic. We want to make this an everyday topic. This podcast is for anyone ready to change their financial lives and take steps towards financial freedom. I cannot wait to get started.

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