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I’m Marc, founder of BetterWallet.

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My Story

My story comes from very humble beginnings.

I was born into adoption care due to the struggles my biological parents had with drug addiction.

I went from adoption home to adoption home and was eventually adopted at 13 years old. My adoptive parents gave us a strong financial foundation, despite being a low-income family.

That foundation helped me grow my entrepreneurial mindset.

But I’ve always been intellectually curious.

I found ways to make money as a kid. Washing cars, shoveling snow, cutting grass and cutting hair were regular hustles that I had.

I also learned the value of saving early on in life. My parents half-joked that I had more money saved than them! That was a scary thought, now that I understand personal finance.

I put myself through college through side hustles and odd jobs. From cutting hair to selling blood plasma (that’s a story for another day).

​My passion for personal finance and entrepreneurship grew.

After seeing the market tank in 2008-09, I was instantly fascinated with the factors that caused it. I was in a “college bubble” so I wasn’t too impacted by the downturn.I read books and watched documentaries to understand why the crash happened.

My long-term goal was to fix Wall Street greed and help investors achieve their financial goals.

I started by teaching other students how to financially support themselves through grants, scholarships, side hustles, and negotiating. Helping my peers reach their goals was (and still is) an indescribable feeling.

It felt great helping others, but my world turned upside down in 2009.

My adopted dad (my best friend) died right before my eyes.

My family was emotionally and financially devastated. He was the rock of our family and the main breadwinner. Increasing my financial acumen became my life mission after that moment.

This situation alone is why I do what I do.

Two years later, I graduated from college. I joined the second-largest mutual fund company in the world after college. I learned basic investing and how to help clients reach their financial goals. I also became a licensed stockbroker.

Years later, I became a licensed advisor at a Wall Street fintech company. I’ve dedicated the last few years to teaching others the basics of personal finance.

And I wanted to share my knowledge and my story on a bigger platform.

In 2019, I decided to take my dream public and created BetterWallet and haven’t turned back!

Since then, I become DEBT FREE (July 17th, 2020).

And now, I’m on a mission to build generational wealth (while teaching others how to do it too!)

Thank you for being a part of the BetterWallet community. I look forward to helping you cultivate, grow, and practice wealthy habits.

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The BetterWallet Podcast

Smart investing on the go. Tune in weekly to discuss all things money, economy, markets, and investing.

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